Certificates of Insurance

What Is A Certificate of Insurance?

A certificate of insurance is a document that your insurance agent will issue that certifies the type of coverage you have, your policy number, effective and expiration dates of the policy, coverage limits, etc. A certificate of insurance should be provided to you once a policy is written.


Why Is It Important?

For commercial policies such as a contractor’s general liability policy, the certificate of insurance can quickly provide proof to potential clients that you have sufficient insurance coverage. It is accepted as proof of insurance for all types of other commercial policies as well. A certificate of insurance is able to display information for several policies for the same client. For instance, a business would be able to have its general liability, commercial auto, workers comp, errors and omissions coverage and umbrella coverage all listed on the same certificate of insurance.


Are there different types?

The most common certificate of insurance that is requested is produced on Acord form 28 and is called a “Certificate of Liability Insurance.” This shows the liability coverage someone has on their insurance policy and is required by everyone from general contractors who need a certificate of insurance from their subcontractor to landlords who need a certificate of insurance from their tenant.


The type of certificate of insurance most commonly requested by banks is produced on Acord form — and is called a “Certificate of Property Insurance.” This will show the amount of building coverage. In the instance that a bank provides a loan on a commercial building, apartment building, etc. the certificate of insurance provided shows the bank that the property owner has obtained sufficient insurance coverage on the property.


Is the certificate of insurance the same as my insurance policy?

No. The insurance policy is produced by the insurance company itself, whereas the certificate of insurance is produced by the insurance broker. The certificate of insurance should list the same coverages and policy information as is on your actual insurance policy. If you discover a discrepancy you should contact your insurance company or an insurance professional immediately.


How do I get a certificate of insurance?

If you already have an insurance policy and need a certificate of insurance a simple call or email to your insurance broker should be enough to get one. Current clients who call us at DG Insurance and need a generic certificate of insurance are emailed one momentarily. If you do not have an insurance policy, you will first need to have a insurance policy issued before you can be provided with a certificate of insurance.


Can DG Insurance help me get a certificate of insurance?

Absolutely. Even for people who don’t have an insurance policy now, we are able to get a policy issued same-day for most lines of insurance coverage and get you a certificate of insurance.


Is a certificate of insurance the same as an additional insured endorsement?

No. An additional insured endorsement usually accompanies a certificate of insurance but is a completely separate document. To learn more about what an additional insured endorsement is, please read our explanation HERE.